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DOA Policy

Coral Cove warranties coral shipped overnight and received on the first delivery attempt against death on arrival (DOA). We do not warranty coral shipped via any other method.

Death and Poor Health

We warranty all coral shipped via overnight methods to arrive alive and in good condition. If the coral arrives dead, Coral Cove warranties the full cost of the coral (minus the cost of shipping).

To file a DOA claim please email required information listed below to within 6 hours of receiving your items. Upon review of the items we will determine whether the item is covered under our warranty and if we find that it is, will issue a store credit for the amount of the item(s).

Please include the following information in the email:

- A clear picture of the item in question;

- A picture and statement of the condition of the bag;

- A picture of a thermometer demonstrating the temperature of the water in the bag;

- A picture and statement of the condition of the box;

- A statement demonstrating the temperature, salinity, nitrate, alkalinity, and ammonia level in your tank;

- Any further information you feel would be relevant to help determine the cause.

It is important to us to limit the number of unhealthy coral received by our customers and any information you provide will be used to help us in that endeavor. However, regardless of the cause of death, it is our policy to provide a replacement product.

If you receive an item that is still alive, but looks to be in poor health, please contact us immediately with the above information. By doing so allows us to document any problems immediately so that we can replace product, if applicable.

If coral arrives dead using USPS Priority Mail, please contact us and provide above information. We will review information and decide on a case by case basis what, if anything, will be offered. Coral Cove makes to guaranty or representations for coral shipped via any method other than overnight.


We will accept coral returns for 7 days from the date you receive the coral. Customers are responsible for return shipping costs and ensuring the coral returns to us alive. After we receive the coral alive we will issue a refund. If the coral is returned DOA, no refund will be issued. We will provide you with proof of DOA in that occurrence. Please contact us before shipping to arrange a shipping date.

Dry Goods have 30 days to be returned unopened to us. Shipping cost will be up to the buyer.