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Shipping Policy

Shipping Days:

Coral Cove ships on Tuesday and Thursday.

If you need a specific day (or a different one), please notify us immediately after you order. Otherwise we will ship on the first shipping day following your order. 

Orders placed by 10am CST on Tuesday or Thursday will ship the same day.


Shipping Methods & Rates:

UPS Overnight:

$50 Flat Rate shipping charge. 

Free Shipping on orders over $300.

Covered by our DOA Policy

USPS Priority Mail 2-3 Day:

$15 Flat Rate shipping charge

Not covered by DOA Policy. (However, still contact us immediately if package is delayed or arrives damaged)

Great way to save money when purchasing a couple of items. We have used successfully for over a year and on 250+ shipments. 

We will inform you and suggest upgrading to overnight shipping if:

                  -What you are purchasing may not do well with this method

                  -Weather conditions may cause too much stress on the coral or delay shipment


No Additional Charges

There is no box charge

We will provide Heat and Ice Packs as needed at no charge


Severe Weather Delays:

Coral Cove does its best to ensure your package arrives to you safely and quickly. As such, if we see severe weather that may cause a delay in the shipment we will contact you to request holding off shipping until the weather clears up.

If we cannot reach you, we will use our best judgement and likely will not ship, unless you had previously specified to ship that day regardless of any other circumstances.

If you have any questions about any of our shipping or DOA Policies, please contact us.